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The holiday season is already upon us. Today we are going to talk about some tips and considerations for purchasing an electric skateboard. Choosing the right board for your needs comes down to some important considerations. There are two major categories that it helps to understand before purchasing.

  • Rider's needs
  • Board Performance 
We will run through some of the common ways to help decide what board would be most suitable for your needs. 

    Rider's Needs:

    Some considerations to start with:

    • What is the age of the rider?
    • What kind of terrain is the rider interested in crossing? 
    • Does the rider prefer shortboards or longboards?
    • How much does the rider weigh?

    With these considerations you can eliminate some boards from your list. For simplicity we have made up some tables to refer to:

    Comparison of intended age, weight limit and deck type:

    Board Deck Type Weight Limit Intended Age
    Street Series V3 Longboard 90kg 12+
    Pro Series V3 Longboard 100kg 15+
    AT Series V3 Longboard 100kg 15+
    Urban Series V3 Shortboard 70kg 12+
    Sport Series V3 Shortboard 100kg 15+


     Comparison of intended usage:

    Board Intended Terrain
    Street Series V3 Recreational Use on Street, Roads, Smooth Concrete and Tarmac
    Pro Series V3 Recreational Use on Street, Roads, Smooth Concrete and Tarmac
    AT Series V3 Recreational Use on Street, Roads, Smooth Concrete, Tarmac, Short Grass and Compacted dirt paths
    Urban Series V3 Recreational Use on Flat Street, Roads, Smooth Concrete and Tarmac
    Sport Series V3 Recreational Use on Street, Roads, Smooth Concrete and Tarmac


    Board Performance:

    You may have already chosen a board based on the rider's needs. Though it is also important to consider the board's performance. Some important performance indicators to consider are Speed, Range and Gradient.

    Are you choosing for a younger rider? As a parent, choosing a board with a lower max speed may keep your mind at ease. Are you an experienced rider, with a need for speed? Choosing a board with a higher max speed is sure to please. 

    The range of the board can be a useful performance indicator to assess as it will dictate the maximum range* that the board can complete on a single charge. Maybe you like to cruise on the broad water for a few km each day? Maybe you like to go a long skate or commute to the train station each day?  Having an idea of how far you would like to travel can be an important stat to think about. 

    Gradient can be a useful performance indicator if you live in a hilly area and want to traverse over some hills during your ride. Choosing a board with a high max gradient will allow you get the performance you need to conquer the hills in your local area. If you live in a flat area, gradient may not be as important. 

    Comparison of performance indicators:

    Board Max Speed* Max Range* Max Gradient*
    Urban Series V3 15km/h 10km Flat Terrain only
    Street Series V3 20-25km/h 15km 5%
    AT Series V3 30km/h 10-20km 10%
    Pro Series V3 35km/h 25km 25%
    Sport Series V3 35km/h 20km 25%

    * Actual performance depends on a number of variables. Therefore, performance indicators are provided. 

    Bear in mind that the actual performance you receive will depend on a number of variables that can be tricky to predict. For this reason, we can only provide performance indicators, not guaranteed specifications. For example, some of the variables that can affect the maximum range of the board may be:

    • Rider weight
    • Remote power setting
    • Terrain
    • Gradient
    • Temperature of the day
    • Stopping and starting
    • Battery charge
    • Battery age

    For this reason, you may want to choose a board that is more powerful than your initial thoughts. For example, you want a board that can do 15km on a single charge. You may think that purchasing the Street Series V3 is going to be perfect for your needs. However due to the variables listed above, you may not always get 15km due to how fast you like to ride or how many hills you have on your route. Therefore, it may be worth looking at a more powerful board, for example; the Pro Series V3.

    We hope that these tips and purchase considerations assisted you today. Remember to contact our support team, if you have any questions about our products and we would be happy to assist you. Thanks for reading. 

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