New Queensland Rules for Electric Skateboards

Electric Skateboard laws have been a common topic for any esk8 enthusiast or rider. In Australia each state has different laws, some stricter than others, so it very important to check the local laws before riding an electric skateboard in your state. Today we are going to talk about the recent changes to the golden state of Queensland.

In Queensland, there are a number of changes that will be occurring prior to this coming holiday season. Overall, these new rules are fair and a positive step in the right direction. Far greater than the alternative, of all-out bans. 

Starting on the 1st of November 2022 there are some new rules for people riding personal mobility devices, including electric skateboards. The changes include:

  • Reducing the speed limit to 12km/h on footpaths and shared paths, unless otherwise signed. The 25km/h limit applies everywhere else, including bike lanes and local streets.
  • Increased fines of up to $1,078 for dangerous offences involving speed, use on prohibited roads, and holding a mobile phone while riding.
  • Fines for speeding over the relevant speed limit:
    • 1-13km/h = $143
    • 14-20km/h = $215
    • 20-30km/h = $359
    • Greater than 30km/h = $575
  • Allowing personal mobility devices to be ridden in bike lanes on roads with a speed limit of 50km/h or less, and all on-road bike lanes that are physically separated.
  • Personal mobility device riders, like bike riders, must follow road rules such as stopping at red lights.
  • Bells must be used on personal mobility devices with handlebars.

One of the major changes is the reduction of the speed limit on shared paths and footpaths, so be mindful of your speed in those areas and please be respectful of other riders and pedestrians.

So, remember to obey the normal road rules and speed limits, along with the rules set out for personal mobility devices or you could get stuck with a hefty fine.

For the full list of the Queensland Personal Mobility Devices rules and regulations, please check out the QLD government page here:

Thanks for reading and happy riding!

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